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All the French Market baskets are extremely practical and versatile from storage for toys, laundry, kindling, the beach, to everyday shopping baskets.
Stacked 2x2 in the shopping trolley they can comfortably do a weekly family shop. You have to shop in a slightly different way but once you get in the habit its easy and more environmentally friendly than the plastic bag! 

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A lot of friends use them for the school run to hold all those precious pieces of artwork, lunch boxes, kit etc. Or stair tidies at the end of the day all the clutter goes in and is carried upstairs and deposited in the appropriate places.

In the summer they make the perfect beach accessory.


As of 29 July 2013, EmmaJane Baskets are now part of BasketBasket - still the same wonderful range of baskets and still providing the same friendly and helpful service! Therefore your PayPal payment will now be to BasketBasket.

Emmajane Gabrielle
Plain & simple great for the weekly shop. Perfect for the beach too!

Short Handles - Leather

Yvette Long

Emmajane Yvette Long
A smart everyday bag with practical, snug fitting, thick leather shoulder straps and matching trim.

Padded Leather Shoulder Straps

Emmajane Maribel
A versatile shopping basket - the shoulder straps allowing freedom of the hands whilst rummaging around at the markets. Ideal for the beach.

Double Handles - Leather







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