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As of 29 July 2013, EmmaJane Baskets are now part of BasketBasket - still the same wonderful range of baskets,
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“Best beach bags ever!”

“Cheap = better. Unbelievable, I know”

“However chic we and our chosen stretch of sand may be (or not), a beach is not the place to be precious about anything.

You are not going to have fun if you’re worried sick about whether your Ambre Solaire is leaking into your lining. On the other hand, you want your bag not just fit for purpose but chic.

Being the helpful type, I have the solution: Emmajane Baskets, whose straw and reed bags strike me as being the best beach bags ever. Hand-woven in Morocco, they’re big and sturdy, there are loads of different styles and they’re unbelievably good value and my favourite is the Elise.”

The Times Magazine | Saturday 9th July 2011 | “How to get dressed” | By Hilary Rose






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